Design & Development Tools II

AETE 703

Class Assignments Spring 2006

Course Syllabus (Word document)

Completed activities

Graphics 3

Another Place - Macromedia Fireworks

Create a virtual picture of a special place (different than in graphics 2) using at least 5 elements combined to be a single picture. You must create one element from scratch. One element must be copied from the Internet. Write a description of the place you created. Compare and contrast the methods you used to create this picture versus the one you created using Photoshop Elements. Describe the process used to create or import the graphic elements.

Create a pull down menu as part of your special place.

Use a minimum of three, different, main level items. One of these three must have at least two sub items. Each item should connect to a WWW page.

Flash 3

Create a fun, interactive flash document.

Minimum Requirements

  1. Buttons
    1. Minimum of three buttons
    2. Must perform two different types of actions
  2. Movie -
    1. A short movie clip played within the flash animation
    2. The movie clip must be modified while it is playing.
  3. Five elements -
    1. Text
    2. Graphics - One must be created by you and one must be found from somewhere else.
  4. One motion guide
  5. Sound
  6. Tween

HTML Coding

Create a WWW page using a simple text editor and basic HTML tags.

Minimum Requirements

Flash 2

Electronic Greeting - Creativity is an important component of this activity.

Minimum requirements:

  1. Five elements -
    1. Text
    2. Graphic created by you
    3. Graphic located from somewhere else.
  2. One motion guide
  3. Sound
    3. (note underscores and not spaces)
  4. Tweens -
    1. One motion and one shape.
    2. Change size, location, shape and alpha. This does not necessarily have to happen to one object.
  5. Button & Actions
    1. Cause the Flash movie to stop.
    2. Create a button that will replay the movie.

Personal Pages

Details are located here

Flash 1

Animate the USC Aiken Logo
Use the Palm tree


  1. Open the image in Flash.
  2. Put the image in a new layer. (Name layers “Original” & “Break Apart”)
  3. Break apart the image.
  4. Select portions of the image. Clean up selection for transparency.
  5. Convert sections to symbols – Insert/Convert to Symbol.
  6. Add text. ®, USC Logo, Aiken – Triple space between letters.
  7. Break Apart text.
  8. Distribute to layers.
  9. Add other elements.
  10. Hide original and break apart layers.
  11. Animate sections
  12. Clear frames from unwanted layers.
  13. Publish final product

Graphics 2

• My Place - create a virtual picture of a special place using at least 5 layers combined to be a single picture. Write a description of the place you created. Why did you create this place? How did you create the individual components? What does this place mean to you?

Submit the .psd file and a .doc file with your written description.

• Animation - create a looping animation with a minimum of 16 layers using Photoshop Elements. The object should change:

  1. size
  2. shape
  3. location

Submit the .psd and .gif files.

Graphics 1

Prepare for roll over buttons

  1. Your name - Three layers of names
    1. Last name - Name, 50% opacity, change brightness/contrast
    2. First name - Name, 50% opacity, change brightness/contrast
  2. A picture

URL = (March 2006)